Celluloid Dirt is a movie discussion show where two friends get together to watch new and familiar noir films, then talk about them. We alternate between stand alone episodes and seasons exploring specific conventions, themes and tropes of the genre over time - such as private eyes, femme fatales, or organized crime.

Fred Pelzer (left) and Tristan Johnson (right) have been friends for over a decade. They connected while both working at a Banana Republic in Chicago, when Fred noticed Tristan's Doctor Who costume for Halloween. In short: a couple of nerds. Since then they've produced a webseries together, lived with the same woman (Fred's wife was once Tristan's roommate), and disrupted the business operations of the Drake hotel by role-playing as a couple of flatfoots.

Both are life-long noir fans, appreciating the hard-boiled crime genre in all its many forms. After Tristan moved to New Orleans and the pandemic prevented easy travel or visits, the boys decided to start a podcast so they'd have an excuse to regularly watch noir films and talk about them together. They have now inflicted this hobby on you, the general public. Enjoy!